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“Doom-Scrolling” refers to the habit of continuing to surf through bad news. Ventana, in Big Sur, advertises that you can work “remote” from their resort…but the Republic of Estonia Tweets that you should Visit—Later! You may visit Mexico though the locals are divided as to whether they want you or not… Canada? Sorry, they don’t want you—but you can always listen to Gordon Lightfoot as you sip on a Moosehead.    

Kids Netflix and Therapy

The complicated life of a first-generation Indian-American teenager. Netflix’s comedy-drama, Never Have I Ever

13 Reasons Why

Teen Suicide Spiked After Debut Of Netflix’s ’13 Reasons Why

Mental Helps

are links to articles and more—across an array of mental-health subjects.

Float Through Anxiety

Claire Weekes was an Australian physician who achieved world renown for her ability to help people with anxiety disorders,

Equine Therapy

There are several life skills that a horse can teach better than a person. Equine therapy lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress

grief. 6t4 things I wish I'd known...

64 Things About Grief

“a quick and dirty list of the things we wish we had known about grief before we knew anything about grief.”


Timber Cove Resort on California’s Sonoma Coast is open! Telluride’s lodging capacity is up to 75%. CNN sports an exhaustive list of what countries you can visit right now. Key Largo, Florida is the USA’s top autumn destination. Hawaii is open! Just test negative no more than three days before arriving.

A sojourner or not, if anxiety is stalking you, don’t forget to Float.

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