grief. 6t4 things I wish I'd known...

64 Things About Grief

“a quick and dirty list of the things we wish we had known about grief before we knew anything about grief.”

Float Through Anxiety

Claire Weekes was an Australian physician who achieved world renown for her ability to help people with anxiety disorders,

Letters from Lisa

People are amazing. Lisa is a college student who will send a free, handwritten letter to anyone who asks. We tested her

Equine Therapy

There are several life skills that a horse can teach better than a person. Equine therapy lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress

Scratch Tracks

“Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking.” Antonio Machado——— Covid-19 in 2021: Drinking the entire bottle of wine won’t make up for your lack of personal connections—though you may try it again. When you’re stressed, the hormone, cortisol, acts on the prefrontal cortex (the pleasure center of your brain) releasing dopamine. This disturbance is what has elicited the excessive drinking, eating and online shopping of the Covid-19 era. Some call it, “illogical pleasure seeking.”    

Smiling Depression

People who suffer from Smiling Depression can appear well-adjusted, presentable, professionally successful and apparently happy. They’re not, and they need help to feel better about life, including themselves. Smiling depression is a deceiving in that it implies happiness though it’s absent from

US Navy Punished Suicidal Sailor Who Sought Help

Michael Gregg sounded eerily quiet on their October phone call, his mother said. On that evening, he spoke words she never expected to hear. “He said ‘Mama, I almost committed suicide. I worked the night shift and I almost jumped off the boat,’”


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